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Ease into it…

September 5, 2010 7 comments

So let’s do a quick post to get things rolling.┬áThe Python programming language has grown on me quite a bit in the past few years. My appreciation for the language grew even more when I had to dive into Javascript recently at work.┬áThere are several similarities between the two, both being dynamically typed scripting languages. It was almost humorous though, how so many of Javascript’s initial differences were annoyances. And I think there’s more to it than just learning curve difficulties. Just a few examples:

  • Curly braces and semicolons. Reduces the efficiency of a scripting language.
  • The var keyword. It just seems superfluous coming from Python.
  • for (x in myarray) {} x is assigned the array indices, [0, 1, 2, …], not the array items like I expected. Means there’s an extra line of code to actually access array items.

I imagine Javascript will also grow on me as I use it more. But I doubt it will ever even begin to approach Python’s status as a great, elegant language in my book.

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